Does Love Making Chair come with Plenty of customization of options?

Sure thing! It is a long established fact that a customer will be interested in the new design of love chair especially of the love chair that designed by themself. You can choose the color, size, material of surface and other décor which may enhance the sexual plaesure for your love making chair.

Is the Love Making Chair easy to use?

Absolutely! There are so many positions for making love with the love chair


Is it safe with the material?

Absolutely! We use Environmentally friendly materiels: leather, cotton, wooden etc. And all the love chairs are make by hand with Well-designed.

Where are you located? And where are the oerders shipped from?

We have office in UK and USA, but if the products are out of store in UK and USA, we will send from Hongkong, if there is tax fee, we will pay for it. Please don’t worry about it.

Do you have some guatantee?

The quality guarantee period is 1 year. We shall guide and help you to repair the chair, if it has problem.

How long can I get my love chair?

Normally you will get the chair in 2-3 weeks after payment. But if you need urgently, please tell us, we will arrange for you firstly.

Do you accept payment with credit card?

We accept the payment with the credit card, also with PayPal and bank trasfer. For credit card we need some information about card, For example, the Card Number, Cardholder Name, Valid Date and the Code.

Does the love chair come with odors?

The material is accompanied by odor when it come out of factory. Just like a new house decoration or new furniture, it will be ok after long period of ventilation.
For people with allergies to odors, perfume is a good choice for a temporary cover. Baby powder and corn starch can also be used to remove odors.
Please have a try.

How should I store the love making chair when not using?

You can just put it in your bedding room like a normal furniture. Please put the sofa in a cool dry place, avoid sun exposure.