Kamasutra Chair

The Kamasutra chair is a strategic type of seating that favors sexual pleasure and satisfaction. It features parts and characteristics that promote comfort and ease of intimacy, in an effort to give your romance a revival. From the many sexual positions that it brings, it has received overwhelming appreciation and acceptance from couples.

The Design

One of the most important design features is the dual-arc form of the chair. This design aligns with the normal human body curvature, which increases the comfort of the subjects during the encounter. All the angular dimensions are strategic and serve to increase the convenience of couples. Given the different heights and shapes of users, one has a range of heights and widths of Kamasutra chairs to choose. The outer cover is soft and made up of durable material, increasing the comfort and convenience of purchasing and utilizing these chairs.

How it Works

Using the dual-arc design, users have infinitive sex styles that they can safely engage. The pelvic orientations fit well in this arc while the material adds to support of the body. Regardless of the position you use during the encounter, the chair allows you to change the pelvic angles, which is the basis of all sexual positions. The design guarantees of safety of all sexual positions in terms of back and joint coordination.

Benefits of Kamasutra Chair

ü Stain-free leather coating that is easy to clean and disinfect. This material is impermeable to water and most of the bacterial elements.

ü The high arc and low arc dimensions serve as support systems for the lower and upper parts of the body, reducing the risks involved in some sexual positions.

ü Unique outlook with options of Pewter nail heads and Brass nail heads. You can also opt for one with none of the stated.

ü Endless sex positions, with better control of penetrations and orgasms

ü Suitable to couples of all ages, who want to spice up their sexual experiences