Spice up your amorous life with a love chair

Love chair

Lovemaking! What a wonderful experience…but making love, not sex…!
Sex is alright, but love makes us feel wonderful and makes us be better, feel more beautiful, more generous and powerful. Maybe we wonder what is the difference between love and sex – and there is a big difference, which is love itself. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in love plus to exist loved, and the peak of love is making love. We all wish to love someone plus to be alive loved back, we aspiration to construct love – if possible – no matter when and where, no matter how long and no matter our age, but we shouldn’t go for whoever and however. There are aspects to be improved and learned about even in making love. So do you think is it possible to make love no matter where and when and how long and is it exquisitely amazing? The answer is YES, it is possible by means of the sexual continence and a bit of prop. The concept belongs to the East and has been applied by the Indian tantric, by Chinese Taoists and all those who are open-minded.


And of course, we also wish that our love life is not becoming a routine, doing one or two amorous positions all the time. It would be like eating every single day the same food.

Even if it was your favorite in the beginning, you will get saturated by it. So what to do? Well, you simply need to diversify and experience the positions. So a perfect help for testing out new things is the love chair. The name says it all. You will enjoy the support it offers your bodies, but also it will trigger your imagination in making love in new positions, experiencing new sensations and increased orgasmic pleasure.

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